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Reading Round-up | No.2

It's a topic I've written about before: reading is one of the easiest (and free!) ways to gain skills that will improve your business.

Whether it's an autobiography of a business person you admire, a book sharing specific tips on startup financing or writing business plans, or a spiritual book that teaches you how to live more mindfully, there's no limit to what we can gain from reading. Curling up on the couch or in bed after a long day to get lost in a book is one of the best feelings ever, and it's even better when you're absorbing information that will help you in your business - especially since you don't have to actively try to remember what you're reading.

In my case as a writer and written content creator for small businesses, I always need to be on top of the trends in the personal development world. One way I do this is through reading, both the classics and the latest biz books. Here are a selection of the books I’ve been reading in the past couple of months:

1. Money 〰️ Yuval Noah Harari 〰️ 7/10

A great intro to the idea of money on a philosophical level. What it is, how we use it, what it means to us. Dense, but worth fighting through.

2. Feminism for the 99% 〰️ Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya + Nancy Fraser 〰️ 7.5/10

A hip cover that makes you feel cool reading on the tube always help. This book is more than a pretty face: endless food for thought on feminism and how we can ensure it’s intersectional and works for everyone, not just white + privileged women.

Whether or not you agree with all the content and arguments (I absolutely didn’t), it’s a valuable read that opened my mind to different points of view. Which, after all, is what books are supposed to do.

3. You are a Badass at Making Money 〰️ Jen Sincero 〰️ 8.5/10

I read Sincero’s first book a few years ago and it didn’t resonate at all. I found the writing style pretty annoying (that hasn’t really changed) and the content was repetitive.

But working on money mindset projects for a few clients, I figured it would be worth picking this up. I’m glad I did - the book made me think differently about money management, and inspired me to get my financial shit together…

4. Range 〰️ David Epstein 〰️ 8.5/10

As a generalist, it was reassuring to read Epstein’s analysis of why we’re best placed to run the world (I’m paraphrasing). The book looks at famous successful people from a range of industries, and points out that many of the people we look up actually didn’t specialize in one niche. If you’re a generalist, this one’s for you.


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