The Art of Repurposing

When I was at school, I was pretty lazy, but still wanted good grades, so I became a master of repurposing. If I had to write an essay for Spanish, give a presentation for Geography, and prepare a speech for German, I’d pick the very same topic. That way, I’d only have to do the research once for all of my homework.

Luckily, while not much has changed in my lazy-but-still-wants-to-get-rich mentality, repurposing still serves me well in business.

Let’s say you write a blog post for your website. That’s nice, but let’s be real. Has anyone read a blog post since 2011?

But wait! You're writing this on a blog right this second.... I am, and here's why: this post was originally a caption on Instagram. It performed well, and people were really interested in learning how to repurpose their content. I'm reposting that Instagram caption as a blog post primarily for SEO reasons, and also because it's easier to share a link to this post on other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Repurposing is all about getting the absolute maximum from your content, and reusing it across multiple channels.

This has multiple benefits:

1. It saves us precious time, because we only have to create one original piece of content

2. Our content stretches further, so you don't have to think up something new every day

3. It helps consolidate our messaging.

Did you know that on average, people need to read something 7-11 times before they actually remember it? Repurposing your content across channels means people will see it more often, and are therefore more likely to remember it. It really is a win-win.

So let's go back to that blog post you wrote for your website. Using repurposing, that one blog post should become:

💥 an IG caption

💥 a LinkedIn post

💥 a LinkedIn article

💥 a Medium article

💥 a Facebook Live in your private group

💥 a section of your email newsletter

💥 an IG story

💥 an IGTV episode where you explain the content of your blog post 💥material for your next ebook

💥 material for your next online course

💥 material for your lead magnet

💥 material for gated offers on your website

💥 a podcast episode if you have one

💥 a YouTube video

💥 cut it up into quotes for your IG feed

💥 cut it up into quotes for Twitter

So there you have it: minimum effort, maximum results. And that's what BURO155 is all about.