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The best Instagram accounts to follow if you want to learn

Instagram has a bit of a bad reputation as an app that sucks all our time, glueing us to the couch while we snort at Kris Jenner memes. Just me? Oh. In any case, if you curate your feed a little, Instagram can be a great place to learn.

So if you want to turn your social media into a free e-learning experience, here are some fab accounts to follow, depending on what you're looking to learn.

1. @vixmeldrew - TikTok

Vix is the queen of TikTok, and her Instagram is jam packed with tips and tricks, and a bunch of fabulous TikTok videos that she's made.

Alice is an SEO genius, and even better, she's great at explaining everything in simple terms. Follow for all things search engine optimisation and Google Analytics - and her DMs are always open for questions!

3. @1706digital - digital marketing

1706 is your one-stop-shop for everything you wanted to know about digital marketing. You'll find fun + informative quizzes, and learn about everything from customer journeys and content calendars, to defining your USP and sorting out a banging landing page.

4. @fastforwardamy - business

Amy is a business coach on another level. Forget 5k or 10k launches - Amy takes people to the next level through her Business Freedom Mastermind program, and helps them scale to 30k months. Sound good? I thought so. Amy's Instagram feed offers a free slice of her insane content, from tips on how to boost your mindset, to metrics you should be tracking in your business. She's also got an amazing business podcast, The FastForwardAmy Show.

5. @thefashioncultivator - fashion (obviously)

Leah is a former buyer at Topshop and ASOS, with over 12 years of experience. She's now a coach for people who are building their own fashion empires. Her Instagram is a collection of great tips, inspiring captions, and tag-lines like 'adapt, survive and thrive, honeys'. Something we can definitely get behind.

6. @thestudiograce - branding

Lauren's profile is seriously one of the most aesthetic on the 'gram. Her typography is divine, and add in a few pop culture memes, and it's basically a dream profile. She also shares some golden branding rules + tips and tricks for making your profile look more hip. A must-follow.

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