A 1.5 hour online session showing you how to make the most of Instagram.


Use code 'VIRAL19' to buy for the early-bird price of £19, valid until March 15. 


Whether it's the pesky algorithm, the temptation to join an engagement pod, or just the sheer amount of content out there, Instagram can be something of a minefield.


This 1.5 hour Instagram workshop takes you through everything you need to know about everyone's favourite social media platform, including:


  • how to optimise your IG bio
  • which metrics you should be monitoring
  • how to build genuine relationships via DM (direct messaging)
  • which highlights you should include
  • the BURO155 Golden Formula for engagement
  • shareability + saveability
  • how to build an audience




The workshop takes place on Wednesday 25 March, 7pm GMT/8pm CET via Zoom. It's recorded, so if you can't make it on the night itself, you can watch it back in your own time, and you're always welcome to send me an email or DM for personalised feedback. 


Have any questions in the meantime? Send us an email at phoebe@buro155.com, or DM us @BURO155 on Instagram.


Instagram Unlocked

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