LinkedIn: Boosting your Business

LinkedIn: Boosting your Business


Always assumed LinkedIn was for boring/ job-hunting/ corporate/ old people?


Think again!


LinkedIn holds enormous potential for freelancers and small businesses, whether you're trying to find new customers, connect with suppliers, or get some press coverage. 


Thanks to LinkedIn, I've...

  • met and worked with Nick Clegg
  • got my business featured in Forbes
  • landed multiple corporate clients
  • partnered with the European Commission
  • reached new clients + networked with major people in the industry


In this workshop, we'll cover how to use LinkedIn to grow your business, reach your goals, and hopefully make more money.

We'll be covering:

  • Where and how to find clients on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn to get press
  • Using LinkedIn to connect with people who'll help your business grow - whether that's clients, stockists, suppliers, influencers, networks or anything in between
  • Building your own LinkedIn strategy, covering content, marketing, outreach and networking


The workshop takes place on 3 Feb at 10am GMT, via Zoom. 


Any questions?

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