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Whether you’re a copywriter, photographer, fashion brand owner, or a coach of some sort, it’s a very saturated world out there. Or to put it another way, why should someone choose to work with or buy from you, instead of one of your competitors? Sometimes, that’s something we’re not even clear on the answer to that ourselves.


To stand out from the crowd, you need to communicate what makes you special. Why someone should hire YOU to give a keynote, or to deliver a workshop, or to coach them through their next product launch. 


This is where social media comes in. It’s your shop window, so you need to make sure you’re showing yourself and your business in the best possible light.


Every moment you show up online - whether that’s post-run, in your messy office, or with fresh makeup - you’re projecting a certain image of yourself. Let’s be clear: authenticity is important, so if your audience responds well to seeing you in ‘real’ situations, that’s great, but just make sure it’s a conscious decision you've taken. 


Because, even when you're not selling, you’re still selling your personal brand - so you need to ensure you’re happy with the image you’re projecting. And social media is all about behind the scenes authenticity, so even if you’re a product-based business, your customers still want to know who you are. 


This 5-day course takes you through the steps of identifying what makes you stand out, and how to cultivate a social media strategy that showcases your personal brand in the best light. It’s about showing off the best version of ‘you’: in a way that feels good, will attract your dream clients, and helps you achieve your business goals. 


Full of actionable exercises you can start implementing from day 1, we’ll cover:

  • Identifying your USP, and communicating that online

  • Your personal brand across platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, your own website)

  • Showing up authentically on social media and conveying your personality online

  • Writing your bio and tagline for social media

  • Building credibility and showcasing expertise


If you’re ready to showcase yourself online and sign more clients for being ‘you’, join us on this 5 day mini course.


July 27 - July 31. 10am UK/ 11am Europe.


Every morning at 10am UK/11am Europe we’ll have a 45 minute Live call going through the day’s lesson, and you’ll be set some actionable and (dare I say it) fun tasks to go off and complete in your own time. By the end of the week, you’ll have clarity on your personal brand, increased confidence in showing up online, and your own social media strategy to implement going forward.


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