Have you always wanted to get in the media but have no clue where to begin?


I'm no PR expert, but it's a sort of DIY hobby of mine. My business has been seen in Forbes, Grazia and Thrive Global in the part few months, and I've successfully pitched articles to publications like The Guardian, Restless Mag, The Huffington Post, The Holland Times etc. Want to learn how I did it?


This 45 min workshop on May 21 will cover:


  • Prepping your elevator pitch so you're ready to pounce
  • What journos will want to know about you + your business
  • How to keep track of journos looking for contributors
  • How to write a great pitch for national media 
  • How to brainstorm angles that could get your business featured

Whether you sell handmade clothes, aromatherapy candles, a membership program or coaching sessions, this workshop will show you how to get the coverage you really want.

WHEN: May 21


WHAT TIME: 2pm UK/ 3pm Europe


WHAT IF I MISS IT? You'll get a recording and the slides afterwards.


Any questions? Send a DM to @BURO155 on Instagram. See you there!

Workshop: How to get press

    get in touch: phoebe@buro155.com