We've run Instagram Unlocked 1, taking you through the basis of everyone's favourite social media platform and showing you how to create your own Instagram strategy tailored to your business goals.


Now we're back with Instagram Unlocked 2 on May 25.


We'll be covering:


  • growing your account
  • your IG story strategy
  • 'quick replies' and other unknown features
  • deep dive into Instagram's insights
  • the advanced tools you should be using to take your IG to the next level 
  • populating your Instagram content across social media platforms


WHEN: May 25


WHAT TIME: 2pm UK/ 3pm Europe


WHAT IF I MISS IT? You'll get a recording and the slides afterwards.


Any questions? Send a DM to @BURO155 on Instagram. See you there!

Workshop: Instagram Unlocked 2

    get in touch: phoebe@buro155.com