Ever feel like you spend so much time creating blog posts or Instagram captions, and then no one ever reads them?


With a solid repurposing strategy, you'll make sure your content stretches SO much further, saving you time + energy whilst also consolidating your messaging.


Using repurposing, that one blog post could become:

💥an IG caption

💥a LinkedIn post

💥a LinkedIn article

💥a Medium article

💥a Facebook Live in your private group

💥a section of your email newsletter

💥an IG story

💥an IGTV episode where you explain the content of your blog post

💥material for your next ebook

💥material for your next online course

💥material for your lead magnet

💥material for gated offers on your website

💥cut it up into quotes for your IG feed

💥cut it up into quotes for Twitter


In this workshop, we'll go through how to repurpose, with actionable tips that you can get started with as soon as the workshop ends. Learn how to turn one piece of content into 20 with BURO155.


WHEN: May 28


WHAT TIME: 2pm UK/ 3pm Europe


WHAT IF I MISS IT? You'll get a recording and the slides afterwards.


Any questions? Send a DM to @BURO155 on Instagram. See you there!

Workshop: Repurposing Your Content 101

    get in touch: phoebe@buro155.com