A 1.5 hour online session covering all you need to know about writing online content.


Use code 'TYPE19' to buy for the early-bird price of £19, valid until March 31. 


Feel like you suck at writing? So many people come to me saying this, but the reality is that unless you've got 5 staff members working for you who can sort out your online content, you'll likely going to have to do some writing as part of your content strategy.


Whether it's writing captions on social media, short + snappy Tweets, or email newsletters that people won't unsubscribe from, this workshop covers it all. 


We'll look at:


  • BURO155's super user-friendly article template
  • how to write captions that people make people like, comment, share + save
  • how to repurpose your writing across social media, your website, and your email newsletter, saving you time, energy + headspace
  • how to write speeches + presentations
  • how to write + pitch guest articles




The workshop takes place on Wednesday 22 April, 7pm UK/8pm Europe via Zoom. It's recorded, so if you can't make it on the night itself, you can watch it back in your own time, and you're always welcome to send us an email or DM for personalised feedback. 


Have any questions in the meantime? DM me @BURO155.


Writing Unlocked

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