At Buro155, we help brands + individuals create results-driven content that works 10x harder.

Whether you’re looking to get more sales, increase brand awareness, get press or speaking gigs, it all starts with your content.  


Buro155 combines founder Phoebe’s 10 years of freelance journalism experience with a business school education and a background in the startup world.


We use methodology lifted from Silicon Valley - think growth hacking, minimum viable products, and the 10X rule - to achieve your goals through content, with minimum effort and maximum results. Buro155’s method is tried and tested on over 500 entrepreneurs.

01 Nailing the foundations

Perfecting your voice and story. Getting to know your ideal customer. Assembling your content toolkit. 

03 Refining the process

Testing and optimising your content. Nailing your messaging. Forging the right connections online.

02 Building the pillars

Content ideation. Your content pillars. Building a content bank. Creating a repurposing strategy.

04 Bringing it all together

Systems and processes to keep your content flowing. Using strategic content to get you where you want to be - now, and in the future.

Why Buro155?

Phoebe has coached an up and coming fashion designer through growing her Instagram following from 11k to 24k in 6 months, and has helped clients score media coverage in The Telegraph, Grazia, Forbes and ELLE. She’s built content strategies for brands like The Marshmallowist, pop star Starling, and The British Embassy. 

Buro155 has been featured in:

Over 600 people have taken Buro155’s courses and workshops so far, and Phoebe has worked 1:1 with everyone from stylists, artists, actors, business coaches, and marketing agencies, helping them build a growth-focused content strategy.​


Why content is king (or queen)

Your content strategy should underpin your business goals. Every piece of content you posted should be a carefully sculpted stepping stone, turning followers into paying customers.

Let’s say you’re a business coach. You need to prove your expertise before people will buy from you. Your content strategy will revolve around killer content pillars sharing your knowledge and showing social proof, so people get to know, like and trust you - and then they’ll click ‘buy’.


The same goes for getting speaking gigs. The first thing an events manager will do is check out your social media. Are you clearly a thought leader? Is it obvious you know your stuff? Is your online presence showing you at your best?

And if you’re a product-based biz? Let’s say you sell made-to-measure clothes. What would stop people buying from you? Maybe they’re scared to buy online in case the dress doesn’t fit. Maybe they’re not sure you’re a sustainable brand. Your content strategy will share the info your dream customers NEED to know before they order their new favourite piece, building genuine connections so they feel like you’re their best friend.

Great content = more sales.

Working together, we’ll create a content strategy that gets you what you want, in a way that feels ‘you’.

'One of a kind.'

Phoebe is one of a kind. I was blown away by her approach online, not only with the content she creates but her ability to build genuine relationship online too. Phoebe is also a resident business columnist for Found & Flourish and provides incredible content at the highest of quality. I would recommend Phoebe and her work to anyone and am incredibly proud that she is a part of the F&F family.

Lara Sheldrake

Founder & Director | Found & Flourish

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