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The Instagram Accelerator

Doors are now OPEN!

4 week online course designed to help you reach your business goals - from increased sales to more brand awareness - through Instagram, in a practical, simple, and fun way.  

Who is it for?

This course is for you if you struggle with coming up with ideas for content, don’t get much engagement, and struggle to convert followers into paying customers.

Do you:

✔️struggle to create consistent and engaging content?

✔️post whatever comes to mind that day, rather than following a strategy designed to build real relationships with potential clients/ customers?

✔️spend hours on Instagram content, only to get 3 likes from your mum, your friend, and your cat?

✔️want a super easy Instagram strategy that gets great results from day 1, and helps you reach your business goals? (whether that's more sales, more clients, more brand awareness, or anything else)

✔️find yourself at the beginning of your business' Instagram journey, OR are you a seasoned user who wants to rethink their strategy?

If you nodded your head to any of these, I've got some good news! You're the perfect candidate for The Instagram Accelerator. After a sold-out first run in September, The IGA is back, ready to give your IG a boost before the start of the new year. Suitable for both product- and service-based businesses.

How will The IGA change your life?

I'm neither rich nor famous enough to have lawyers, but if I were, they'd tell me I can't promise that The Instagram Accelerator will change your life.

I can, however, tell you what you'll gain from taking the course.

By the end of The Instagram Accelerator, you'll:

  • have a demystified understanding of how Instagram can work for you and your business

  • know how to create content that gets you exposure

  • have 101 ideas for posts, so you'll have content stored up for those busy weeks

  • know which metrics to focus on depending on your business goals

  • understand how your Instagram Stories can score you new clients, and lead to more sales (aka more money - yay!)

  • be able to nurture potential clients/ customers in the DMs, building real relationships

  • have a simple Instagram strategy to follow that gets results from day 1 

The Instagram Accelerator is very practical, and focuses on strategies that can be implemented the very same day for immediate results. Expect weekly tasks, homework, and personalised feedback. 


The practical deets

The Instagram Accelerator is a 4 week online course: 4 x 1 hour live sessions via Zoom.

The course will run every Wednesday at 10am UK time, from 18 November until 9 December. Expect super practical lessons, weekly homework and tasks, and lots of opportunities to ask questions and receive personalised feedback.

We’ll also have a content co-creation session at the end of November, so you can apply what we've covered in real-time.

Doors open on 2 November and close on 16 November. Join before 8 November to score our extra-special early-bird bonus: Buro155’s IG Reels for Business workshop! 

The Instagram Accelerator costs £139, paid in 2 instalments of £69.50. Pay the first instalment to secure your spot, and the second instalment will be payable the first week of December. That's like 3 sandwiches at Pret A Manger. In all seriousness, Buro155 aims to provide top quality courses, at an accessible price point.

The syllabus

Week 01 -

18 November

  • auditing your profile

  • the 7 second test

  • kicking off your Instagram growth strategy

  • setting your Instagram goals and KPIs to make sure you stay on track

Week 02 -

25 November

  • the customer journey

  • know, like, trust

  • how to create content that gets you results 

  • 50 tried-and-tested content prompts you can use straight away

Week 03 -

2 December

  • Getting visible online

  • Showing your face on camera

  • Creating original + engaging IG Stories that sell

  • how to sell in the DMs

Week 04 -

9 December

  • Your content pillars

  • Building a content bank, for hassle-free content - forever

  • Your Instagram strategy going forward

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions recorded? Will I miss out if I can't join live?

No, you won’t miss out! It’s always fun if you can join live, but if you can’t, no worries at all. The week’s slides and recording are sent out straight away, and I’m always available via email or Instagram DM if you’ve got questions or don’t understand anything we’ve covered. You’ll have lifetime access to the materials, so you can rewatch it as many times as you like.

What makes The IGA different from all the other Instagram courses out there?

Great question! There are plenty of fab courses out there, and it can be a bit tricky to know which one to pick. The IGA has a strong business and practical focus. My background is in the startup world, and I have a Master’s in Entrepreneurship from Amsterdam Business School, so we approach Instagram from the perspective of reaching your business goals. You might be aiming for higher sales, more clients, building brand awareness, or getting booked as a speaker, and I show you how to use Instagram to achieve these goals - whilst keeping everything simple (and fun!) at the same time. Expect lots of examples from cool brands, and practical tips you can start using right away.

I'm not 100% sure if I can join this time. Until when can I decide?

Doors close on 16 November at midnight, so you can join up until then. If you want access to the special early bird bonus, which is a FAB workshop on How to Use Instagram Reels for your Business, make sure you enrol before 8 November! It's going to be great.

How much does it cost? What exactly do I get for my money?

The Instagram Accelerator costs £139, and you can choose to pay in 2 instalments of £69.50 if that works better for you. Included in the price, you get the 4 one hour course sessions, plus a content co-creation workshop and unlimited feedback and support from me via email. I always love to provide individual feedback on the weekly homework, and I'm super friendly, I promise! If you join before 8 November, you'll also get the Reels workshop.

Who is Phoebe?

Hi! I’m Phoebe, founder of Buro155. I started off as a freelance journalist, and have been writing for publications like the Huffington Post, the Guardian, the Next Web, and the Holland Times for 10 years. After getting involved in Amsterdam’s startup world, I decided to go to business school, graduating with a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship. I founded Buro155 to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals through their content strategy.  


Buro155 is about to turn one, and in the past year, over 500 entrepreneurs have taken my online courses and workshops. I’ve also hosted workshops for everyone from Vivienne Westwood’s favourite pop star, to a gourmet marshmallow brand stocked at Harrods, and the British government. I’m a guest lecturer at the London College of Fashion, and my business has been featured in Forbes and Grazia - using the very techniques I teach on this course! I’m also a fan of CBD chocolate, learning Japanese, and the Kardashians (sorry). 

Got any more questions? Or not sure if The Instagram Accelerator is right for you? Drop me an email at and I'll give you my honest opinion!

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