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LinkedIn for Small Biz and Freelancers

LinkedIn for Small Biz and Freelancers


We tend to associate LinkedIn with people who work for corporates, but actually, LinkedIn is equally handy for small business owners.


Whether you're a product-based business selling artisenal candles or reworked vintage clothes, or a service-based business offering photography or mindset coaching, LinkedIn holds a whole lot of untapped potential.

I've used LinkedIn to score 5 figure clients, get press coverage in Forbes and Vogue Business, make connections at my dream brands, and become a guest speaker at the London College of Fashion—and I've helped countless clients do the same!


This 1.5 hour workshop takes place on Monday 6 March at 5pm UK/ 6pm Europe. The workshop goes through the very simple Buro155 approach that help small business owners achieve their business goals using LinkedIn. If you can't make it live, I'll send the recording + slides after, along with a handy little worksheet that will help you get off to a great start. 

You'll leave with an easy-to-use strategy that you can start implementing right away - and that's going to get you real results.


Those business goals might be:

  • getting press coverage
  • brand awarenss
  • collaborations and partnerships
  • finding stockists
  • finding manufacturers
  • increased sales
  • and anything in between

Got questions? Email or send a DM to @Buro155 on Instagram. 

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