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20 in 10 - The secret to smart brainstorming

Many of my clients say that coming up with content ideas feels like a chore. They post because they feel like they should, not because they actually want to post. I'm on a mission to change this, and to make content creation fun again.

Remember when you were little, and you'd have so much fun inventing make-believe universes, imaginary friends, and kingdoms full of dragons and dinosaurs? We need to tap into that same creativity to inject some life and fun into your content ideas.

When you’re feeling content fatigue and your creative juices are running dry, try the 20 in 10 exercise.

⚡List the general topics + themes that you cover in your business. Examples for BURO155: content tips, work-life balance and freelancer life.

⚡ Draw a grid with 20 boxes on a piece of paper. 5 across, 4 down. (I’m glad to see GCSE maths is still serving me well.)

Set a timer for 10 minutes. ⚡ In each box on your paper, write a content idea that you could create, vaguely following your brand themes. Don’t overthink it, just write anything and everything that comes to mind. Keep checking the timer, and when 30s are up make sure you move on to the next box.

⚡The time pressure forces your brain to think creatively, so you can unlock some new + great ideas. The 20 in 10 exercise also works well for other things: new product ideas, marketing ideas, plot ideas for your latest novels...


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