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How to identify your USP

What’s your USP? What makes you special and different? In this world where anyone can set up a business with just a laptop and wifi connection, there are so many businesses out there doing the same thing.

Especially if you’re a copywriter, business coach, VA, social media manager… so many people do what you do, so why should someone choose to work with YOU instead of anyone else?

Your USP (unique selling point) is something you need to to focus on in your messaging. Your ‘about’ page, LinkedIn bio, email newsletters… all should make clear what makes you special or different.

In my case, my differentiator is that I have 10 years of experience as a writer, and also went to business school to get my Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. At BURO155 I bring these 2 things together, helping people create and implement results-driven content strategies based around their business goals.

Others might focus mainly on writing or mainly on business strategy, but my USP is combining the two.

If you’re not clear on what makes you + your biz unique, try asking a trusted friend.

Sometimes when you work so closely in your business it can be difficult to take an outsider’s perspective.

Here are some easy questions to ask 1) yourself and 2) a friend who knows your business well:

⚡️what makes my business unique?

⚡️what’s the most enticing thing about my business?

⚡️what would make you want to work with me over a competitor?

⚡️what’s the most surprising thing about my business?

⚡️am I part of any special networks?

⚡️do I have unique experience that others don’t?

⚡️is your product the first of its kind in your area?

⚡️have you got any kind of patent or trademark that others don’t?

Once you have the answers to these questions, make sure you make that clear in your messaging! What’s obvious to you won’t necessarily be obvious to other people, so it’s worth shouting from the rooftops 📣

Want more banging content tips to make your life easier?

Buro155 is running a series of drop in content workshops, covering everything from Pinterest and TikTok, to personal branding and photography. Check them out here.


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