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On Beating the 3pm Energy Slump

You know how it goes. You start the morning off all energetic, powered up from your coffee and healthy breakfast, and excited to tackle your to-do list. But after lunch, all of your peppiness seems to magically disappear, and come 3pm, all you can think of is diving onto your couch with Netflix ready to go.

This article first appeared at Antwerp Avenue.

It’s important to make the most of your work day, and falling asleep at your desk isn’t exactly the fastest route to a promotion, so here are our top tips for beating that energy dip.

1. Get some fresh air

A simple 10 minute walk around the block is often enough to wake you up from your 3pm slump - zero caffeine required. A change of scene helps you shake off the drowsiness that comes with sitting at your desk for so long, and getting your blood pumping will ensure you can make it through the rest of the afternoon without needing a nap.

If your boss isn’t happy about you going for a walk during the workday, offer to take some packages to the post office, or go to the supermarket and pick up some treats for the team to share.

You’ll be earning karma points whilst also getting some fresh air - win win!

2. Do a sneaky desk meditation

If your lack of energy is making it difficult for you to focus, but you can’t leave your desk, try a 2 minute meditation. You can find hundreds on YouTube, so try looking for guided meditations specifically made for re-energising you.

Most of these meditations can be done with your eyes open, so put your earphones in, and no one will suspect a thing!

3. Have a healthy snack

Making smart choices about workday snacks can also affect your energy levels. We all know that while sugar might make us feel great for a little while, the high is followed by an energy crash. So resist the chocolate and reach for some fruit or nuts instead (just check your colleagues aren’t allergic!). Also try and make sure your plate is balanced at lunch time, with a good mix of protein and vegetables. That way, you’re more likely to skip the 3pm energy dip altogether.

4. Drink some icy water

It’s one of the easiest tricks out there: icy water is amazing at waking you up. The combination of shock from the cold, coupled with the fact that you’re hydrating your brain, means that after downing a big glass of water, you’ll likely be feeling good as new.

This is also a trick we like using first thing when we wake up in the morning.

Add some lemon or lime to your water for an extra zingy boost, and you’ll be feeling ready to get back down to business in no time.

5. Switch it up

If your work follows a very predictable schedule of meetings in the morning, and emails in the afternoon, for example, try switching your tasks around. If what you’re doing in the afternoon is a little more repetitive and mindless, it can be very easy to feel exhausted quickly. Instead, get those tasks ticked off your to-do list first thing, and try scheduling a brainstorming session with your colleagues for the afternoon. You’ll feed off each other with your energy, and it’s always nice to have a fun task to look forward to for later in the day!

6. Schedule in that beauty sleep

As with anything, it’s always better to prevent than to treat a problem. So next time you get hit by a 3pm energy dip, make sure to go home after work and get a super early night. A regular sleep rhythm will help you stay energised throughout the day, and ensure you don’t need to turn to articles like this one in the future…


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